PKM Employee Spotlight: Jay Lucas

Credit Review Manager Jay Lucas spends most of his time working onsite at PKM clients, but spends the rest of his days exploring our country’s great outdoors! Jay has almost seen it all. He’s been to every state in the continental U.S. except for three: Washington, North Dakota and Maine. He likes to call himself an avid outdoorsman, and it shows! His passion for the outdoors and traveling began at the young age of seven, when Jay would take two-week-long road trips from Marietta, GA with his family once a year. From San Diego, to Yellowstone National Park and all the way up to Niagara Falls, were just three of his more memorable trips, but the list goes on.

His love for traveling didn’t end once he got older, in fact it only grew. In 2008, when Jay started traveling heavily for work, he began bringing his family along for the ride. Since then, it has become a true family affair, accompanied by his wife of 22 years, Tracy and his children, 21-year-old Megan and 16-year-old Brandon. Megan attends Kennesaw State University while Brandon is a sophomore at Kennesaw Mountain High School. The two love to travel with their family and can’t complain – they would take rivers over writing any day ofthe week!

When Jay turned 40, it was on his bucket list to learn how to fly fish. So, for his 40th birthday, he spent eight days in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming learning how at the number one spot in the world: Henry’s Fork River at Ashton Falls. He immediately fell in love and ended up buying Brandon his first flying rod soon after to share his passion with his son. Jay has been taking Brandon camping, fishing, hunting and hiking since he was three years old. But of course, Megan has had her fair share of traveling too. She spent her 16th birthday in Manhattan and her 17th birthday in California. And while Jay’s family loves almost everything about the outdoors and traveling, there is one exception. “My wife and daughter do not enjoy camping,” he laughs. “So this week…we are buying our first camper!” Soon enough, Jay and his family will be able to enjoy camping trips together as often as they want.

Jay loves to talk about some of the activities he’s done and things he has seen over the years. One year, he went to Colorado for the 4th of July where he spent the day having a snow ball fight instead of laying out on the beach. He has seen a snow storm in the deserts of Albuquerque, survived a hurricane in New York, walked the Turquoise Trail in Santa Fe and was in Chicago for the 100 year blizzard, where they saw almost two feet of snow in 24 hours. One of Jay’s favorite memories was seeing the sunset on the West coast and the sunrise on the East coast (and vice versa!) in virtually the same day -when traveling from Atlanta, GA to Irvine, CA and back all one day.

Jay hasn’t done much traveling outside of North America, so his future plans include going to Australia, Italy and New Zealand with his wife. His urge for exploring new places is nowhere close to the end, but he just has to wait for the kids to be off on their own before some of the new adventures can begin. Throughout the years, Jay has traveled over a million miles by car and over 400,000 miles by air. From almost every state in the U.S., to Canada and Mexico, most would ask where he hasn’t been. “I don’t ever realize how much I’ve done until I start talking about it,” Jay smiles.

Prior to joining PKM last year, Jay served as the Director of Credit Risk for a $1.8 Billion National Bank overseeing a significant distressed loan portfolio and assisting in the resolution and sell-off of virtually all its banks assets. With over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, Jay has extensive knowledge in Risk Management, Organizational Restructuring, Commercial Lending, Business Finance, and Senior and Executive Level Management. We are fortunate to welcome Jay, his stories and his love for the outdoors to the PKM family!