PKM Employee Spotlight: Arvil Stanford

The 2015 college football season may have ended a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean much to Partner, Arvil Stanford. No matter what time of year, he is all about watching the pigskin! But it’s not the Georgia Bulldogs like many might have guessed – it’s actually the Ole Miss Rebels.

Arvil grew up in Mississippi, and his passion for Ole Miss football started back when he was in elementary school. Since then, his craving has only grown, and he still follows the team on and off season every year. Constantly reading blogs and articles in order to keep up with recruiting, spring practices and more, he doesn’t go a day without it. “By the time the kids get to Ole Miss and start playing football, I already know everything about them,” Arvil laughed.

Although Arvil lives and breathes Ole Miss football, his wife Katherine is a huge Mississippi State fan. Needless to say, it is a “house-divided” at the Stanford residence! During college football season, they completely shut down on Saturdays, with Arvil watching his team in the basement and Katherine on the main floor watching hers. She also cuts the weekly football schedule from the newspaper and posts it on the refrigerator. The two are huge SEC fans and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Arvil and Katherine have two children which naturally made the rivalry grow stronger. Who would they cheer for growing up? Arvil quickly won that battle and was able to convert both kids into Ole Miss fans. His daughter Theresa loves the Rebels just as much (if not more) than him. She is already calling him up every other day about which games to attend in the upcoming 2016 season. His son Josh, who graduated from Ole Miss, is the same way. It’s a college football, family affair!

Since football is their way of keeping in touch, Arvil makes an effort to attend at least two Ole Miss games a year with his family. Though they often find themselves at other SEC football games because of Katherine, and since Theresa’s husband is a Florida fan. Therefore, they’ve gotten to see their fair share of SEC rivalries besides just Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State, such as Florida vs. Georgia and Alabama vs. Auburn.

One reason Arvil enjoys college football so much is because he believes it’s therapeutic. “You can spend hours watching it and not think about anything else,” says Arvil. “I can escape from work and just relax.”

When Arvil is ready to retire, he wishes to land in – you guessed it – Oxford, Mississippi! He knows it might be difficult convincing Katherine to move there, but either way his love for that school will never die.

“I wake up thinking about,” Arvil proudly states.

Arvil Stanford is an audit Partner and has been with PKM for more than 10 years. Prior to joining the firm in 2005, he worked with a large regional accounting firm serving as the lead audit and accounting partner. He has over 30 years of experience in serving clients in audit and accounting matters, strategic planning and general business issues with a strong focus on employee benefit plan audits. Arvil has in-depth experience in the quality assurance area and works with the firm’s partners to ensure that PKM’s internal quality control meets all professional and regulatory requirements. We are thankful to have Arvil, and his passion for football, as part of the PKM family!