Personality Is Key

August 26, 2013

Robbie Schuler
Audit Intern

My favorite part of working at PKM is the firm’s “personality”.  When I was interviewing with different firms during my recruiting process, I felt like I couldn’t get a real grasp on any general attitude representative of the whole firm or a good feel for the firm’s culture.  Every single PKM employee I have met shares the same light hearted, yet hard working spirit that drives the firm forward and helps make it so special.

This summer, I have gotten to experience firsthand the fun and friendly work environment created by my coworkers. It is so important to work with people whose company you enjoy since not only do you spend so much time with them in the office working on projects, but you are often out at a different locations with a client every week. As much as I laugh throughout the workday sometimes, it’s a surprise I can get any work done (but of course I do though)!  I can gladly vouch and say that the PKM you meet at recruiting is the same PKM you work with!