New space, same culture

December 8, 2015

Phillip York
Tax Staff

There was a full remodel of the office between the time that I interned at PKM and when I started full-time three months ago. When I came back, I returned to a brighter, more open space than the one I remembered. The office has a very modern, clean look to it now. Not only is the newly remodeled office a fresh look, it is also a more functional office space. The low-walled desk spaces and the placement of workspaces take full advantage of natural light. The new layout helps us to work collaboratively, and is designed to be flexible to use. Auditors are not permanently assigned to a workspace, they simply plug into available spaces as needed. Rooms can be reserved, and I was surprised to see that iPads in the walls displayed the status of meeting rooms. The new, larger break room is also a major upgrade.

Despite the very noticeable changes in the physical space of the office, I have been pleased to see the continuity of the culture here at PKM. Collaboration and communication are still an essential part of what we do. PKM continues to have a certain feel to it which encourages communication to flow. Those that manage the firm still listen to ideas and suggestions of the staff. I still feel like I am being given all the tools to be in a position to succeed. The people around me are both my coworkers and my friends. The support and advice I get from those friends make all the difference for me as I adjust to this new life. I have started to realize that this isn’t the case for everyone in every workplace, and that I am very lucky to have landed here to start my career. All of the great things about PKM that I remember from my internship are still in place, with the added bonus of an exceptional new office. That is why I know I made the right decision to begin my career at PKM, and that this is where I belong.