Never Underestimate the Value of Relationships!

December 12, 2011

Sonny MacArthur

Everything we do in life revolves around relationships. As a student, you have relationships with faculty, staff, friends from home, new friends you have made in college, family and so forth. Public accounting is no different and your success not only hinges upon your technical accounting skills, but also your ability to build and nurture relationships. Relationships must be forged with your fellow colleagues, clients, attorneys, investment bankers, other accountants and a variety of other professionals. The process for developing relationships in your professional life is no different than the process for developing personal relationships that you have forged throughout your life. It is about being yourself and, more importantly, about listening to others and having a genuine interest in them as a person. As an accountant, you will solve problems for clients and will be respected for your technical expertise. However, your ability to develop and maintain relationships is what will differentiate you from other professionals with similar technical expertise. So, my advice is to always remember to build and maintain strong relationships- you never know when they just might come in handy!