Never Stop Learning

September 16, 2013

Matt Hobert
Audit staff

I still remember sitting in my early accounting classes listening to senior and graduate-level students talk about their recent work and internship experiences. I used to hope that one day, in the what seemed like the very distant future (which in reality, was only a few short years) I would be able to land an internship and be fortunate enough to be chosen by one of the many firms that call Atlanta home. One of the things I heard back then, and continued to hear as I worked my way through other accounting classes was that as an new staff you learn everything you need to know on the job. School prepares you for some of the rigors of the accounting profession and gives you the foundational knowledge that you need, but as for practical application we, as interns and entry level starters, are left clueless.

People told me that many, many times, and I took it with a grain of salt thinking that it couldn’t be true… surely the real world looks exactly like the cookie-cutter problems I saw on my exams? I can now say from experience that you just can’t learn everything you’ll need to know as an auditor (and I’m sure tax associate as well) off the bat, but you have to experience it for yourself.

Walking into a client’s office and asking questions is just something that you may have to do… everyone has been there. I quickly started to learn, and some of the oblivion wore off, but accounting is a profession of perpetual learning. The PKM staff are wonderful, and everybody is willing to help one another understand and learn.

So my takeaway here is this, if you’re a new staff or intern just go ahead and accept that your first week will be a whirlwind of confusion, and that’s okay….Ask a lot of questions, and never stop learning.