My Experience as a PKM Intern

July 13, 2012

Elizabeth Eadie
Tax Intern

As I reflect upon my internship at PKM, I am amazed at how much I have been able to experience and learn in two months. Although the knowledge and skills that I have gained while working at PKM are invaluable, it is the support, encouragement and acceptance that I will always remember. From the very beginning I have felt like a part of the PKM team as everyone has gone out of his or her way not only to learn my name, but also to learn about me personally. Many times while walking down the hall I would be able to pop into a partner’s office just to talk about how my internship was going. During my PKM internship I have been entrusted with a variety of challenging work, and I have felt very comfortable asking questions or seeking advice. I was always receiving feedback and advice that would help me improve on the next project.  I am very grateful to the tax department for their support, encouragement, patience and fun times. PKM has provided me with the best internship experience for learning about tax accounting in the real world. As a summer tax intern, I was able to work on a variety of projects and actually work on them from start to finish. My internship experience at PKM has confirmed for me the importance of finding a firm that matches your personal goals and values. So, if I have any advice for students seeking internships or job opportunities, it would be to identify the qualities you are looking for in a firm and make the decision that is best for you. If that decision leads you to PKM, you are going to enjoy coming to work every day.