More Responsibilities

February 3, 2014

Andrew Belz
Audit Staff

Before I entered public accounting, my perception of a position in audit was plagued with misconceptions. I expected to be worked to death, to have overbearing managers, and to put in a required minimum amount of time as a staff before progressing to a senior role with more responsibilities.  I was off the mark with my expectations but would like to focus on the opportunity to move up the ladder at PKM versus other public accounting firms.

During my last performance review, one of the things I said I wanted out of my position was the chance to take on additional responsibilities outside of those of a typical audit staff. I wanted to be involved with the completion of an audit engagement from the earliest planning procedures to wrap up at year-end.  Due to the departures of a handful of audit seniors, I was transitioned to the senior role much quicker than I could have ever anticipated and ended up running year-end engagements during the 2013 busy season in only my second year with PKM.

One major benefit of a firm like PKM is the flexibility in how employees’ progress and move up the ladder. I believe this opportunity for more responsibilities has contributed greatly to my career goals.