Mixing Business with Fun

December 12, 2014

Jessica Williams
Audit Staff

One of the benefits of working at PKM is that we mix business with fun. PKM understands that employees need a work life balance and because of that they offer a multitude of events, outings, and parties for employees and interns to be able to mingle and relax with one another outside of the office environment. PKM’s “Staff Advisory Committee”, which is comprised of employees from each department of Audit, Tax, and Systems along with HR and administrative employees, are continuously planning events such as the Annual Christmas Party, After Busy Season Party, Firm Outings, Charity Events, and much more. Here at PKM we work hard and play hard! As an audit staff that is always traveling, I enjoy the times that PKM employees get to come together as a group and enjoy one another’s company. PKM takes great care of their employees and I am so happy to work for a firm that appreciates their talent.