Making Business Travel Fun!

November 3, 2014

Matt Hobert
Audit staff

An inherent part of life as an auditor is travel. While at PKM we try to minimize the amount of travel, a certain amount of travel is unavoidable. While I think most everyone would prefer their own beds at night, there are some significant rewards associated with business travel. These include hotel points, Skymiles, free meals while on the road etc. The people you travel with can make business travel fun as well.

At some firms when you travel, you might go straight from work to your hotel and repeat this process day in and day out. Sound kind of like the movie Ground Hog Day? This is not the case at PKM; we eat dinner as a team, and often times these are at some pretty nice places! We also look for fun activities to do after hours while on the road. This may include Trivia, bowling, and sports games amongst other things. While at PKM I have had the opportunity to stay the weekend in cool cities when I was on multiple week engagements, gone white water rafting, and attend sporting events, just to name a few.

So as you look for a firm and consider your career options, don’t let travel scare you! You might find there is a silver lining.