Maintaining Work-Life Balance During Tax Season

April 11, 2014

Stanton Harrelll
Tax Staff

It can be a challenge to maintain work-life balance during tax season. But, I believe this balance is within everyone’s grasp. The simple approaches to getting our job done often work best. Usually, when we establish priorities and supporting goals that reflect those priorities, it makes for a less stressful day. For some of us, it is helpful to master the art of doing one thing at a time – multitasking can have many traps. Periodic breaks are vital to consistent productivity, and we should monitor and manage our personal space to minimize distractions.

Taking time for ourselves is vital to enable us to better focus on the demands of our work. We should be productive at work, but strive to have a life for the rest of the day after work. It’s rewarding to rest and reflect on our day, but also important to remember to use our leisure for novel experiences, learning and physical activity. Even in our fast-paced society, work-balance is attainable.

My personal work-balance philosophy includes being outside, reading something inspiring, slowing down, exercising, taking a power nap, being silent, showing compassion, asking someone for help, performing an act of kindness, and enjoying a simple pleasure. When I need a boost, I pick one of my favorite recharging activities, and it usually carries me through the day.