Listen to Other’s Advice

September 13, 2014

Mckenzie Barr
Tax Senior

My number one piece of advice for accounting majors is to complete your CPA exam before you begin working. During my time recruiting everyone I spoke to gave me this advice, but I still did not finish. When I started with PKM I had only passed one part of the exam. The first seven months of working here were spent working all day, and studying Becker all night and weekend. PKM is extremely flexible when you are studying and sitting for the exams, however it is still difficult to juggle both. I wish that I had heeded other’s advice and taken more parts of the exam while I was still in school. I know how overwhelmed school can get and how full your plate can seem, but in hind sight I would much rather have spent more time studying in school than spending every weekend after working all week listening to Peter Olinto. Regardless of when you choose to sit for the exam I wish you the best of luck in your studying!!