Let’s get Serious…about Humor!

March 5, 2012

Andy Abeye
Copy Room Manager

Recently I read that no matter what kind of job we have, communication will always be an important aspect of our work. Whether it’s in meetings with prospects, phone conversations with clients or discussions between peers, many professional organizations now emphasize the development of good “people skills,” and communication generally falls at the top of this list. Unfortunately, effective communication in the workplace is often complicated by the fact that people are stressed out or overloaded with work thereby forcing you to earn attention and interest, both in your written and oral communications. This is where humor comes in to play; part of the value of humor lies in its ability to oil the channels of communication thus making them flow more smoothly.

Our daily communications on the job consist of much more than the information we give and receive–the emotional tone is just as important. Think back to conversations you’ve had with people you’ve met in the past. Chances are you remember your emotional reaction to that person and the general feeling of the conversation much better than you remember what specifically was said. Shared amusement and laughter help assure that both participants in the conversation will remember the good feeling they had long after the content is forgotten.

So why has humor become a recognized asset in the workplace? Humor facilitates communication, builds relationships, reduces stress, provides perspective, promotes attendance and even energizes. So let’s be serious about humor and don’t hold back on cracking a joke in the office…as long as it is work-place appropriate of course!