It’s Worth It!

March 7, 2014

Carrie Connell
Senior Manager

In the midst of busy season, sometimes it can be hard to think to your future in public accounting because you may spend time feeling stressed out, rushing to meet deadlines and at times wondering if this career path is right for you. I know this, because over the years as a Staff and especially as a Senior I have had these overwhelming feelings, but have also learned to overcome them and think more positively.

While public accounting can definitely be stressful at times, it is also extremely rewarding. With almost 10 years at PKM, I have been able to not only utilize my education and skills by being an auditor but I’ve been able to take on other rewarding tasks that speak to my personality. Once I reached the Manager level, I quickly realized that there is more to public accounting than making a balance sheet balance. With the career flexibility that PKM offers me, I have had the opportunity to teach, have a hand in making firm wide decisions and hopefully helping to empower and inspire others on a daily basis. So the moral of the story is stick around…it’s definitely worth it!!