It’s A Small World After All!

August 8, 2011

Candice Nanney
Audit Manager

The phrase doesn’t just apply to the ride at Disney World! The Georgia Banking Industry and Atlanta Public Accounting arena are two very “small worlds.” I’m reminded of this on a daily basis. Just this morning, I received a GBA Bulletin alert and noticed that one of my sorority sisters from college whom I have not seen in years, is now working at a bank in Augusta and was recently promoted. Networking opportunity? I think so! I recently met someone through mutual friends at a party and later found out that he works for one of our clients! Can we say small world? Similar to the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, we could probably play the “six degrees of PKM!” The “small world” feeling definitely has its pros and cons, but for right now, I see the glass half full. I enjoy finding a common ground with people in the most random of situations!

However, with the happy “small world” feeling, also comes draw backs. Word to the wise: don’t ever burn bridges in public accounting or the banking industry! Everyone knows everyone, and somehow, what you did in your previous job/life/position will come back and it will find you out if you remain in public accounting or banking industry.

So, as I have learned, these lyrics most definitely ring true, especially working for a leading public accounting firm!