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While the rewards of being a publicly-held entity may be great, the SEC rules under which you are governed can often times be daunting.

PKM has extensive experience working with public companies. In fact, as one of the nation’s leading public company auditors, as ranked by Public Accounting Report, PKM possesses in-depth knowledge about regulatory compliance with the SEC. Because of the associated economic risk, not all accounting firms are able to perform these complex audits. Firms must first register with the PCAOB and, second, undergo intense inspections at least every three years by the PCAOB auditors. PKM has been providing audited financial statements for public companies since long before the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, when the registration and inspection process began and since that time have continued to audit public companies.

We currently serve a wide number of SEC clients primarily in the financial and technology industries and offer them services from each of our firm’s core departments. Additionally, because of our work with businesses that have experienced exponential growth and become multi-billion dollar institutions, we are well-positioned to assist with life-changing events including mergers, acquisitions, exit strategies and initial public offerings. Over the years, PKM has assisted many of our clients through these types of transactions and we believe our unique level of expertise helps to provide a smooth and efficient transition.

Through our long-standing history of working with SEC-registered companies, we have developed the highest levels of knowledge, judgment and expertise necessary to understand compliance with regulatory authorities. In addition, many of our former senior auditors have even gone to work for the PCAOB – which we believe speaks directly to the quality and talent of our people.

Public Company Services

In addition to traditional audit and tax services, we assist public companies with:

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