There is no substitute for a professional who not only understands your business, but also grasps the fundamentals of the larger market in which you operate and compete. Our unique industry experience can help to speed the start of assignments, bring valuable insights from previous projects and ensure that specific rules and regulations applicable to your business are considered. In each of our core industries, we not only have acquired the right knowledge and skills, but also continue to keep pace with the demands of a complex accounting environment through membership and leadership positions in a variety of industry-specific organizations.

In each of our industry niches, PKM represents a variety of leading public company clients as well. Because we are registered with the PCAOB and a member of the Center for Public Company Audit Firms of the AICPA, we are able to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving regulatory changes to help our public company clients remain compliant and ultimately succeed in their markets.

Our unique industry experience means:

  • You will stay well-versed on timely industry information and hot-topics.
  • You will be given a variety of easy avenues to learn about changing industry rules and regulations as well as network with peers.
  • You will receive efficient and thorough audits as a result of the depth and breadth of our experience.
  • You will have direct access to our partners who are industry experts.
  • You will benefit from best practices and proven strategies we continually learn from other top performers.