Importance of Culture

June 22, 2012

Emily McGee
Audit Staff

When students are networking with firms, the question is often asked “what originally attracted you to your firm?” The response is almost always, “The People.” I encourage all students to go beyond that answer and dig a little deeper. Behind “the people” is a culture that attracts certain personality types, work ethics, and work styles. It is very important to have things in common with those you go to work with. You will spend many hours a day, often evenings out of town, with your co-workers and it is important to choose a firm that has people that best align with the key intangibles you consider essential for your career. I have been working with PKM for a little less than a year, but went through the recruiting process with the firm for many months. Throughout my experience I noticed that those representing PKM embodied key values and beliefs that were very important to me.