How to Be Successful as a Young Professional

May 30, 2014

Jessica Williams
Audit Staff

As a young professional starting in public accounting, there is great importance on learning the technical skills of the job. However, it is equally important to build your skill set to become a future leader within the firm. Both sets of skills are needed if you want to be successful in public accounting. During my short time at PKM here are a few insights I have gained on how to become successful within the firm.

1. Work hard and maintain strong work ethic. Being the first to arrive and the last to leave will be noticed by management and other leaders within the firm. As an entry level staff, you should demonstrate that you are committed to learning and doing your job effectively. This includes asking for more work and not leaving until your in-charge leaves.

2. If you see an opportunity, take it. There are many opportunities for growth within the firm. Start by asking for more responsibility or take on additional roles within the firm.

3. Participate and become involved in organizations and causes that are important to you. Be involved in causes that are true to you, not ones that you think will make you look good.

4. Broaden your network of peers by participating in networking or volunteering events. You want to grow your career alongside other future decision makers. If there is an opportunity to do business together, you want to make the sale before the final presentation. Building relationships and maintaining regular communication with other individuals in a variety of industries is important for growth and can be mutually beneficial. Although this situation may not occur for many years to come, having an established relationship will set you apart from others.