How often is it that you wake up and are excited to be going to work?

July 17, 2012

Alison Butler
Tax Senior

I recently read an article that said the majority of people were unsatisfied with their jobs. I will admit, there are days that are hard to get motivated to get out the door. However, more often than not, I cannot wait to get to work. Maybe that makes me odd or maybe I’m just lucky that I have found a great accounting firm where I can enjoy work every day. There are a few reasons that I think make work so enjoyable to me. First, I enjoy what I do. I have the opportunity to have a voice in the clients that I work with and the type of work that I do. Second, I work with great people. We are able to work well together and keep each other laughing. We all respect each other and make a great team. We go to lunch together, play the Wii, and seek advice from each other. Last, I know that my hard work is appreciated. The management and partners at PKM make sure that the staff is rewarded appropriately. They also offer kind words of encouragement. If you are part of the majority that is unsatisfied with their job, I would challenge you to find the place where you are excited to go to work each day!