Home away from home

October 15, 2015

Andrew Belz
Audit Staff

I did not come to PKM through the traditional recruiting route.   Growing up in Ohio, and attending THE Ohio State University, it was difficult to connect with firms that were outside the Midwest.  I knew however, after college, that I wanted to make a move to a new city and settled on Atlanta. Long story short, a few weeks after graduation, my car was packed, and I was moving down to Atlanta to start with PKM.

One of the main things that drew me to PKM was the culture.  Having been on the office visits and lunches with my potential coworkers, I knew PKM was a young culture, where people seemed to genuinely care about one another.  I knew that I wanted to join a firm where I could get to know my co-workers outside of work, and looking back, PKM was definitely the right move.  Over my first few months at PKM, not only did I get to know everyone during work hours (we work in different teams, so you really do get to know everyone), but I was able to get to know everyone outside of work hours through a number of activities planned by PKMers.  Activities such as our bowling and softball league, quarterly supper clubs, and simple weekend hangouts helped me to get to know my coworkers on a personal level and truly feel like I was part of the firm.  Not only that, but it made going to work more enjoyable because I knew and liked the people that I was working with.

One of the things that I value most about PKM is how close the firm is.  It’s something that I haven’t experienced at my other jobs, and coming from Ohio, not knowing anyone in Atlanta, is something for which I am truly grateful.   PKM’s “funtivities” allowed me to really get to know a number of people at the firm on a personal level, and now I can proudly call my coworkers, my friends.

P.S. If you’re like me and not following the traditional recruiting route, don’t hesitate to send PKM HR an email and resume…you never know what might happen!