Having a Good Attitude

July 23, 2014

Charlene Grosse
Systems Intern

My  internship in the Systems Department at PKM this summer has been amazing. While the material I have learned was challenging, the people I was able to learn from and work beside were always understanding, patient and supportive of me. The best advice I can give to a new intern or employee is to have a good attitude. In the beginning, everything is overwhelming and new. It is easy to be shy and to retreat from taking on tasks, but I recommend being outgoing and asking to take on new challenges. Nobody expects perfection on your first try, but they do expect a show of initiative. First impressions are important and how you handle learning the basics in the beginning speaks volumes about how you’ll react when difficult tasks are encountered in the future. So stay positive, learn from the best and enjoy your time at your internship because it will be over before you know it!