Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Tax Season?

January 30, 2015

Christopher Belknap
Tax Principal

I think the first two salutations have a better ring to them but the last is very important since the PKM tax department will be working closely together for the next 3 months.    There will no doubt be long hours ahead and various filing deadlines to meet.  Something that may be overlooked is realizing this is the time of year when a firm’s culture is tested.  Throughout the year, PKM has programs for continued professional and personal development for everyone in the firm.  As your career progresses, you will naturally build technical skills through your work experience but building camaraderie with your team will have the greatest effect on your stress levels during tax season.  I can confidently say PKM shines in this arena all year long and it certainly shows during busy season.  So yes, Happy Tax Season!