Giving Back

August 16, 2011

Julia Ruiz
Front Desk Support

I am a member of a Methodist Church in Atlanta and an active member of the Youth Services Program, which my son is heavily involved with. Since the beginning of the year, our youth have had several outings. In March, we went to The Promise Land in Kissimmee, Florida, which gave them a glimpse of events recorded in the bible.

In April, the church sponsored a Spiritual Life Retreat at Camp Glisson! It was a camping retreat with youths from different denominations, cities and family traditions. They all come together to praise, worship and discuss how to be a better Christian in today’s world- how to assist and help your fellow man.

A few weeks ago I assisted with our annual “Lock-In” at The Y.M.C.A. I always lend a hand in helping in whatever way I can. And, although I love our youth, my son and this fine group of young men and young ladies, I opted not to sleepover but sleep in my own bed where peace and quiet was the norm.

So, while some days can be busy and hectic working for a public accounting firm, it is nice to know I still can find time to not only spend with my family but also help out with the Church and our community as a whole.