Getting the Most out of Business Travel

October 3, 2011

Ashley Meyer
Audit Senior

Recently, I read an article in USA Today that that suggested business travelers should tack time onto their business trips to do some sight-seeing. As I am constantly traveling on business, I agree that this is an excellent way to add some “play” to the business travel often accompanied with working for a CPA firm. While traveling for work I have had the opportunity to see the Navy Pier in Chicago, climb the “Thousand Steps” at Laguna Beach, watch the most breath-taking sunset over the Prescott, Arizona Mountains, browse through D.C.’s Smithsonian Museum, indulge in a Napa-Valley wine-tasting and even visit family in Cincinnati. Although business trips usually tend to be a very busy “in-and-out” circumstance, it is well worth it to take advantage of the local attractions that you may otherwise not have an opportunity to see, ever. Enjoying whatever your destination city has to offer not only makes the business trip productive, but also memorable and fun!