Getting More “Face Time”

May 1, 2012

Derek Dill
Audit Staff

And no, I’m not talking about the iPhone capability; I’m talking about client service!

Technology of the 21st century has transformed and evolved the audit landscape over the past 10 years. Due to the implementation of the paperless auditing many accounting firms are working remotely and reducing time spent with their clients. Although, this results in endless efficiencies and benefits for both parties, we know that there is still a need for face to face interaction. Making the most of your interaction with your clients can be a key factor when trying to differentiate you from your competition. The time spent with clients not only provides relationship growth but allows the audit team to pick up events or trends that may be beneficial to the audit, but not known unless on-site.

As I mentioned before, technology has allowed for increased efficiency related to financial statement audits, but with these gains also comes increased complexities related to financial accounting and regulatory guidance. It is imperative to be on the “same page” with management when discussing complex accounting issues and therefore these issues should be discussed in the field, if possible.

In Atlanta, just as in any large city, there is an abundant amount of competition. Every firm has well educated and experienced professionals. I have learned that PKM not only has sophisticated and informed personnel, but here we also aim to provide exemplary service week in and week out–which I know is one of the reasons we continue to be a leading accounting firm in the city Atlanta.