Gearing up for your First Busy Season!

December 15, 2011

Scott Jones
Audit Senior

Every public accountant remembers his or her first busy season like it was yesterday. Working long hours, discovering firsthand what auditing in the real world is like, and learning the art of business-travel are all part of the experience. My first busy season was during my internship with PKM in the spring of 2007. From my experience, I’d like to share with you my top five tips to help you gear up for your first busy season as an intern or full-time staff!

  • Buy some quality luggage – During busy season, you’re likely to spend a decent amount of time on the road. With all of this traveling, it’s important to have a quality set of luggage to cart your clothes from one place to the next.
  • Get a good credit card – Also in line with the traveling theme, it’s important to have a credit card to charge travel expenses such as hotels, meals, and gas. Of course, you’ll be reimbursed for these expenses later, but try to take advantage of cards that give you rewards or cash back.
  • Beef up your wardrobe – The general rule for accountants is to dress as nice as or nicer than the client. Although the majority of companies are going to the business casual dress code, we still have multiple clients that are business professional. Because of this, you must have several suits and a collection of ties in your wardrobe so you can look sharp. Also, I highly recommend wrinkle-free or non-iron shirts so you’ll hardly ever have to use an iron.
  • Pack a snack – With these long hours you’ll be clocking in, you’re bound to get hungry. So pack a snack you can munch on throughout the day. My personal preference is natural almonds.
  • Get a fuel efficient car – Depending on your schedule, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing a lot of driving during busy season. It’s just not economical to have a gas guzzler if you’re driving all over the Southeast. For this reason, I recommend getting a fuel efficient car. This will help save on your gas costs, and will also be better for the environment.

Whether you’re an intern or a first year staff, I think these tips will be beneficial to prepare you for your first busy season. Good luck to you all!