September 22, 2011

Susan Hellem
Audit Administrative

How many friends do you have? Not acquaintances, not “Facebook friends,” but people who really would do anything for you. I bet the list just got shorter, huh? But that’s how it should be, don’t you agree? Now think about how good of a friend you are. Would you go out of your way to help someone or change your plans because someone needed you? I have been very fortunate in my life to have found some wonderful friends, some who help me paint my kitchen, some who know what makes me laugh and will send an e-mail to make that happen and some who I have known all my life and help to keep me in the loop since I am so far away from where I grew up. Life is a funny thing. Some people say life is short, but sometimes the road can seem very long and unforgiving. Everyone needs help now and then, but some don’t know how to ask for it, some don’t know how to accept it and some just don’t want to give it. My wish for you is to have the kind of friends who will stand by you through thick and thin – and also for you to be that kind of friend to others. Don’t forget to also throw in some of those random acts of kindness every once and again. You never know what heartache or pain someone is carrying and a kind word can go a long way to lift someone’s spirits.

So here’s to true friendship! Always be open to making new friends. Lasting friendship can be found in the most surprising of places – even work 🙂