Flip recruiting on its head!

October 1, 2015

Riley Young
Audit Staff

When I started my recruitment process, I remember the excitement of choosing a place to begin my career coupled with the anxiety of picking the RIGHT place to start my career. I hope that your recruitment is filled with minimal anxiety and a lot more excitement, but just in case it’s the opposite, here are a few helpful tips to help guide you along the way! Just remember, while firms are recruiting you, you should be recruiting the firm!

Firm Recruiting Tips

  1. Do your research – The firm you are going to work for is tasked to find the best candidates to fill its open positions by gathering information on candidates through a multitude of ways including resumes, transcripts, and one on one interviews among others. Therefore, take it upon yourself to vet the firm as well! Ask around and see what current employees have to say about working there, ask your professors what they know about the firm and even do a quick Google search to see what you can find out! The more you know about a firm, the more comfortable you will be in choosing that firm.
  2. Test their soft skills – By now, a firm has sifted through all of the resumes and transcripts it could ever want. The next test is perhaps the most important for you and the firm. A good firm will utilize interviews, office visits, and other interactions with you to see how well you get along within its culture. Time for you to do the same! When visiting with the staff and, if you’re lucky, partners, get a feel for whether or not you could get along with them. A good question to ask is “If I weren’t working here, would I still want to be around these people?” If the answer is no, being with these people around the clock at work might not work out for either your or the firm’s benefit.
  3. Develop your relationships – This last step goes hand-in-hand with step 2. The more time you spend connecting with these firms and employees, the better idea you will have of what type of culture is cultivated there. It is easy to put on a show at a 3 hour “Meet the Firms” event, but what a firm looks like on a daily basis can differ greatly from this portrayal. Try, if you can, to ask questions and set up information meetings or calls with different employees throughout the year. Don’t overwhelm one particular employee over and over again because this of course will have a negative impact on how they view your soft skills! But definitely utilize thank you letters, follow-up phone calls, and personalized emails to let a firm know you are interested! The relationships you develop along the way will help guide you to the RIGHT firm!

I know these steps helped lead me to PKM. I hope you find yourself at the right firm when the time comes. Happy Recruiting Season!