September 22, 2011

John Erwin
Audit Manager

We all know accounting work is cyclical. The beginning of the year brings busy season and long hours. Summers are slower and work days are shorter. In the fall, work and hours begin to pick back up as planning begins for year-end. As a result, we used to have our hourly requirements for the week set based on the time of the year. But there are times in the summer when every deadline seems to somehow fall on the same day and summer can begin to feel like a “mini busy season.” There are also weeks during busy season and the fall when everything goes better than planned and it takes fewer hours than anticipated to complete a job. So, rather than having weekly hourly requirements based on the season, at PKM we have transitioned to “flex-time” and have begun to place a stronger emphasis on annual hourly goals. This has allowed our staff to worry less about billable hours during a lighter busy season week or having to put in extra hours during a summer week with practically nothing to show for it. With proper planning and budgeting, those total hours will average out. Our staff now has greater responsibility for their own time and an opportunity for better work-life balance. By working a little extra while out of town on a job, we can work less when we are in town and have more time to enjoy with family and friends!