Finding Time for Yourself

July 21, 2014

Mary Eddy
Tax Staff

I recently celebrated one year with PKM and decided to take a minute and reflect on all that my first year as a full-time employee has entailed. When I graduated college last May, I only took two weeks off before diving in head first and moving to Atlanta to start working full time. I had formulated some big plans for my transition from school to work; there were so many things I was looking forward to having time for once I finished school and the CPA exam. I just assumed I’d have so much time and energy to spare. The truth is, I somehow have even less free time than when I was in college.

What I’ve learned is that I have to be intentional and efficient with my time. It takes discipline to accomplish your goals and establish new hobbies; they don’t just happen on their own. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I am a better employee and produce better work when I make time to do the things that are important to me. There will always be work to do, chores to be done, or errands to run. It’s so easy to say, “I’m just too busy to exercise regularly.” I’ve had to figure out what’s important to me, prioritize, and commit to it. Staying healthy, socializing, and having hobbies outside of work will benefit you both personally and professionally. If you can’t find time- create it. Wake up earlier, don’t watch TV, run all your errands in one swoop, or just drop something that’s not necessary. I realize this is easier said than done, but I’m learning how essential it is to make time for me. When I carve out time to try that new recipe, walk with a friend, or plant something in my garden, I’m a much happier employee and co-worker, and happy employees make happy clients.