Finding the right fit

December 4, 2015

Will Rogers
Audit Staff

Selecting the right firm can be a very stressful decision. Some important factors are location and choosing from a large vs. middle sized firm. My decision came down to culture. As a graduate of Florida State University, I was not from the surrounding Atlanta area as were many in the firm. I knew very little about the area nor had many friends who lived nearby. It was important that the firm I chose gave me a chance to interact with the people around me and feel comfortable with the big change I was about to make.

As I began the interviewing process I realized how important finding a firm with the right cultural fit can be. Since the workplace is where you will spend a large amount of your time, you need to feel at home with the environment your peers have created. Therefore, it was key that my firm not only advanced my accounting career but lead to a rewarding social life as well. PKM is constantly offering opportunities to go beyond the typical work life. All new hires are paired with a ‘buddy’ or a more experienced staff member to be a constant resource both in and out of the office. This is an easy start to becoming more familiar with the firm and its team members. From service events, Christmas parties, out of town clients, etc. there is always a new way to learn more about your coworkers and build strong relationships. Don’t be afraid to go off the traditional path and really seek out the right fit for your future. I have come so far since I chose to start working at PKM a few months ago and I have loved every minute of it.