Feeling Thankful

October 31, 2014

Tracie Walker
Tax Staff

Life is busy….very busy.  We can easily get wrapped up in everything that is going on within and around us that we forget to pause for a minute and reflect on the things in our life we are grateful for.  The daily blessings we have.  I have been reminded of this recently and thought it was an important point to highlight.

There are many things in life that I am thankful for and having the opportunity to work for PKM is one of them.  I’ve attended a few recruiting events recently and it was a great reminder of the privilege I have to be working as a tax staff and to be part of the PKM family. This is a position that hundreds of accounting students would jump at the opportunity for and are literally lined up just to talk to me about my experience with the firm.   Not only do I love coming into work and sitting next to my wonderful, sweet, intelligent, funny co-workers, but I love the freedom and flexibility the job allows.  I also should share that last summer I had to take a very long leave of absence to take care of my mother.  PKM allowed me to take the leave and held my position for me until I was able to return to work.  I was able to pick right up where I left off.  What an amazing company!  I’m not sure most other firms would be so willing to do the same.

What helps me personally to stay calm when life gets overwhelming is to pause for a few minutes and take a break.  I remind myself of what I am thankful for in my life and focus on the fact that I have not only have a great job, but a secure and challenging career for a company that is hands down one of the Best Places to Work 6 Years in a Row!