Feedback is a Gift

June 4, 2014

Mary Beth Marchione
Systems Manager

In the systems group at PKM, we regularly receive feedback both formally and informally. This is very effective but I have found that structured evaluations in addition to including specific elements can make feedback even more beneficial  to the both the receiver and the giver.

As a PKM initiative we were recently challenged to enter timely performance evaluations so as to give and receive feedback on a more consistent basis. Through this firm initiative I have learned that in order for feedback to be most effective it must be timely and include part of the five STARS.

The Five STARS include:

  • Specific
    • Vague feedback can have negative effects and therefore decrease an employee’s motivation.
  •  Timely
    • Equally important, you must provide feedback at the right time. If you wait too long, no one will benefit or remember the details of the learning situation. Providing feedback in real time is ideal and provides the giver opportunity to closely relate the feedback to the task.
  • Accurate/Honest
    • It is crucial to provide clear and specific feedback for improvement as well as be open to receiving the feedback and willing to talk about it in further detail.
  •  Relevant
    • Make sure your feedback for others is relevant and pertaining to their time on the job.
  • Shared
    • PKM prides itself with having an “Open Door Policy” between all members of the team so open communication is key to improving not only employee performance but also improving the workplace.

PKM, as an incentive for timely performance evaluations, offered a prize of two round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US. Through the help of my colleagues and management I was able to win the prize and I can’t wait to use the tickets! This is just another reason why PKM is on the Best Places to Work List!