Don’t Pass Up The Opportunity

August 8, 2013

Brandon Spradlin
Systems Intern

Recruiting season is near so here is some helpful info about PKM! All of that stuff your Organizational Behavior professor used to bore you to death with about how firms with great corporate culture are successful and the best to work for….well it’s actually true. I have witnessed it first hand during my summer internship with Porter Keadle Moore. From the first day of work and every day since, I have felt like I was a part of the staff and not just an intern. Everyone at the firm goes out of their way to help one another.

“Tone at the top” is another great line your Organizational Behavior professor probably used to thrill you with, but I am telling you as an eyewitness it matters at PKM. The day I meet Tim Keadle, co-founding partner, was a real treat.  Tim gave all the interns a class over bank lingo. During the class, Tim cut up with everyone and made us all feel at home. It was reassuring to sit down with him and be ourselves as we worked. And likewise, the same happened the day Phil Moore, managing partner, took all of us interns to the Commerce Club for lunch. While we sat at lunch, Phil went around the table telling us what he knew about each new face. He told us the story of PKM’s beginning and where the firm is heading.  Just another example how even partners at PKM wanted us to know that we could relax and be ourselves.

PKM provides you as an intern the opportunity to interact with clients, along with the ability to gain hands on experience in public accounting. Do not sell yourself short by passing up Porter Keadle Moore at your university’s next career fair or recruiting event. It’s a great firm, with great people and a even greater work culture to boot.