Do You Have A Personal Brand?

September 16, 2014

Jessica Stefanczuk
Audit Staff

It seems like yesterday I was still in college and going through the interview process with multiple accounting firms. One piece of advice that was passed down to me from one of my professors was “how do you stand out compared to your colleagues?” This question got me thinking and I knew I would have to find a way for my resume and my personal character to stand out from the rest. Firms want to see what makes you more marketable than the next person. I then took the time to work on my own brand, as we all know personal branding is everything in today’s market and it’s what tells a story of who we are and defines our values and character. Many of you may be thinking, “well this is odd, I thought branding was for businesses?” In today’s environment your self image is all you have to market yourself to other firms in order to get into that first step into the door.

Going forward I thought I would share my experience on how I thought I would brand myself to make me stand out from my colleagues. The first thing a potential employer sees is your resume, this is the first impression that will either get you a foot in the door or not. Some ways that I was able to separate myself from some of my colleagues was I started taking CPA exams during college and I was able to start documenting this on my resume. This gave a clear picture to firms on what my goals were after I pursed my accounting degree and clearly helped displayed the direction I wanted to go in, public accounting. I was also able to add not only my college affiliate clubs I was involved with to my resume, but I was also able to add something I am passionate about; volunteering. I particularly got involved with coaching youth cheerleading as this was something I had lots of years of experience with and could share this with others. Although my good grades, CPA exams, organization clubs, etc. looked fantastic on my resume, the most attribute that people inquired about was my volunteering and the experiences this gave me. I honestly feel this is what helped brand me. It showed that I was mature, passionate, trust worthy, and self giving which is hard to write these as bullet points on your resume. So the point of my experience is to pass this a long to others, so start thinking what is your personal brand?