Decision making a critical key for success

April 8, 2013

Joshua Biles
Senior Practice Growth Specialist

Have you ever wondered what makes a firm successful over a long period of time? Is it luck? Superior sales ability or do intelligence and experience have something to do with it?

My feeling is the long-term success of a firm is determined by the Partners and Managers to make a series of best decisions possible with the best information possible.

Often firms talk about that one big sale or huge cost savings they just had, but that really only produces a short-term success. With long-term success, it is harder to pin point a single decision that results in the success. The firm’s success is the accumulation of good business decisions made day-to-day. The opposite is also true. Firms that fail over the long-term are often doomed by a series of bad decisions or decisions made with bad information.

This is why at PKM, the experience and expertise our Partners, Managers and staff posses, help shape the firm in our decision making processes and our efforts of success. For PKM, providing our clients with excellent services is a critical key for success and in order to accomplish this we are always focused on using good information to make good best practice decisions.