The culture of work/life balance

April 29, 2015

Jennifer Wallace
Tax Staff

I have worked at Porter Keadle Moore for a total of 13 years and have seen many changes over the years.  These changes have included technology advances, new faces coming and going, and even new service offerings for our clients.

It seems there are always changes and new things to learn, which tends to keep me on my toes. Out of all of the changes during my time at PKM, there are a couple of unwavering constants that I value in this company – and they are:

  1. The amazing leadership of the firm
  2. The culture of the firm

Finding the balance comes easily in the right atmosphere.

Anyone who has ever worked here seems to be proud of the firm.  It is reassuring to know that the partners and managers not only care about growing the business and keeping our clients happy, but they also genuinely care about their employees and want them to be happy. Our leaders seek our feedback so they can improve our happiness as employees – while at the same time providing feedback to us so that we are able to learn, grow and reach our own goals.  The culture at PKM has always been welcoming and friendly.  We know how to have fun when it’s time to celebrate!

That said, we also know how to work hard to reach deadlines as we maintain our steady reputation of providing excellent client service to our clients.  Some may fear change, and that’s okay as long as you learn to embrace it.  But change doesn’t seem as scary to me when the things that are important never change.

Jennifer Wallace attended Western International University and has been a part of PKM’s Tax Staff since 2002. These days Jennifer is a “tele-commuter” at PKM and enjoys spending time with her husband, Andy, their two children, and dogs Sweetie and Pepper. To maintain the work/life balance, Jennifer enjoys cooking, baking, gardening and is a serious Twilight fan.