Choosing a Firm That’s Right for You!

December 8, 2011

Arvil Stanford

So, it’s time to get off the bench. You have spent the last several years living the college life and preparing for the “real world” in the wonderful, and challenging, career of public accounting. Here are a few things to remember as the interview process kicks off–great people, great clients and great leadership will create a great working environment!

Great people: What do you know about the people that work at the firm(s) for which you are interviewing? Prepare for the interview by making contact with people that you already know or people that know the people at the firm(s) you have targeted. Be prepared for the interview and gain additional relevant information about the firm’s people, working environment, and culture. Once you get a feel for the overall culture, make sure that it meshes with your own personality and what you are looking for in a firm.

Great clients: The next most important factor in getting your career off to a great start is to think about what type of clients that you would like to work with. Do your research and spend a good deal of time discussing this critical factor with your interviewing firm. Whether it’s public or private companies, individuals, or even a specific industry niche, make sure the firm you ultimately choose has clients that align with your interests.

Great leadership: Does the firm’s values align with your values? The tone is set at the top. A firm’s values are driven by its leadership. How much do you know about the management team at your selected firm(s)? Make sure to do your research and use your network to learn as much as you can and be prepared to ask the right questions in the interview. If a firm’s core values do not match up with your own, it’s likely not the right place for you.

With that, it is time for me to get back to work and for you to enjoy the college life. We look forward to hopefully seeing you somewhere down the recruiting trail!