Busy Season Is Back Again

February 8, 2013

Ryan Barrow
Audit Manager

It’s that time of year again! No, not time to work on those New Year’s resolutions or pay back all that money spent on Christmas gifts…It’s Busy Season! While the long hours you put in for the next three months isn’t always welcomed with open arms, busy season doesn’t have to be very stressful or overwhelming, if you think positively and view it as a challenge to push through and succeed. For me, getting to work with great people like the ones here at PKM makes busy season a more enjoyable time and the work experience you get in such a short time is good for you professionally. So, instead of approaching busy season with a “dreading it” attitude, welcome it with open arms for a change and enjoy the people you are working with, and be open to the learning experiences you can receive. Before you know it, April will be here, the days will be longer, the weather warmer and the azaleas will begin to bloom beneath the Georgia pines on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National…wait, I better stop now and get back to work! There’s still a lot to get done this busy season!