Benefits of Working Part-Time

January 17, 2012

Nadine Adams
Tax Manager

One of the things that made PKM stand out from other Atlanta CPA firms during the recruiting process was the flexibility that the firm offered. During my internship it became clear that this was not just talk. I saw that PKM allowed staff to work from home on Saturdays instead of having to drive into the city, employees were assigned to engagements in industries they prefered and flex-time during the non-busy season was quite common–and these were just a few examples! The biggest flexibility the firm showed, in my case, was when I was offered a part-time position in the tax department while finishing up my Masters degree in Tax at Georgia State University.

When I agreed to take the offer, I did not have any idea about all the hidden benefits. Not only was I gaining invaluable experience through performing actual work, but also some of the theories that I had learned about in class were no longer relevant or new. It was not always in my classes that I heard about state apportionment, valuation allowances or accounting for temporary and permanent tax differences for the first time. Best yet, I had already applied the concepts to actual cases that were far more complicated than any example in a textbook. This was a big advantage when it came to exam time. But it’s a two way street! Because of what I was learning in my classes, I was better able to understand some of the work that I was doing for PKM. So, looking back, the flexibility that first attracted me to the firm has really worked out to be a huge benefit and advantage for me in my career as a CPA.