Bats and Bones in Belize – A Dream Honeymoon

Bats, sharks and skeletons are not really the image you picture for your dream honeymoon, right? Well, systems Senior Manager Jim Rumph recently went on the honeymoon of a lifetime – full of just that and more! He married his wife Sarah on January 16 and for their honeymoon traveled to the beautiful country of Belize for a week. Since they love to travel, they were eager to explore a new place.

The first part of their trip, they stayed in an eco-resort located on the side of a mountain. Jim likes to describe it as a “culture shock” because it was basically in the middle of nowhere. They were completely unplugged with limited internet and no phone service or hot water. After a few days there, they traveled to a resort right on the beach, where the service and food were spectacular. The weather was great too, besides one rainy day and what also happened to be Belize’s coldest day of the year ringing it at a whopping 59 degrees.

The two did a lot more than lounge around on the beach; in fact, the majority of their trip was spent on exciting excursions. “We definitely did more activities than we should have because we didn’t have as much down time to relax,” Jim admits. One day, they had the pleasure of fishing off the second largest coral reef system in the world: The Belize Barrier Reef. They also went snorkeling, and part of the trip took them to an area where you could swim with sharks. So Jim jumped in but “Sarah felt it defied common sense to leave a perfectly good boat to jump into water with sharks.”

Their favorite excursion was probably when they went on a cave tour. The journey started out with the group walking about a mile into the cavern where they had to climb rocks up into a chamber. “We bit off a little more than we could chew,” Jim laughs. After about three hours of trekking through very tight spots, they made it to the heart of the cave and were ready to see something exciting. But all they got were a few scattered bones throughout of those who were sacrificed by the Mayans around 1000 BC. Sarah blurted out, “This is it?!” loud enough for the whole group to hear. Although the tour had an anticlimactic ending, Jim and Sarah walked away with a wonderful memory and a lot of laughs.

Another day they went canoeing down a river, when they were startled by a big surprise. Their guide started pulling them towards a rock ledge, which was about ten feet away, urging them to look for something unusual. Jim and Sarah stared into the rock very closely, confused about what they were supposed to see. Then realization set in at about the same time 50 or so bats seemingly exploded, flying out in different directions. “We were not expecting that to happen at all!” Jim explains.

Sipping on Belize beer and enjoying a week away from reality as newlyweds, Jim and Sarah didn’t let a minute go to waste. Except as all vacations are, the trip came to an end way too fast. But like they say: time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s exactly what they did on their unforgettable honeymoon.

Jim is a Systems Senior Manager and has been with PKM since 2006. Since joining the firm, he has performed Information Technology general controls and security assessments for a variety of financial services companies and now leads these projects for the firm’s largest and most complex clients. Jim is a frequent speaker, educating clients on information Security topics and privacy, and has developed IS programs for a number of organizations. We are lucky to have Jim part of the PKM family, and congratulate him on his marriage which is sure to be full of adventure.