Balancing Work

January 8, 2014

John Erwin
Audit Manager

Every accounting firms talks about work life balance, and I believe PKM does a good job helping folks find that balance….But what about just work balance?  When I first started out as staff, work balancing did not seem too hard.  It was as simple as following instructions, making sure tasks were completed timely, providing supervisors with status updates, and volunteering to help out when needed.

Now as a senior, I have found balancing work a little more challenging. Some days seems to go by at 90 M.P.H. from responding to emails from clients, supervising staff, wrapping up prior engagements, planning upcoming engagements, and keeping other managers informed of where jobs stand.  Sometimes it can be almost overwhelming, and seniors and management can feel like nothing is getting done because there is not enough time to focus on one task to see it through to completion.

However, by being proactive and seeking advice from more experienced co-workers can help manage and reduce these situations.  Having a to-do list and strategically working through items on the list after a little planning can make situations feel much less stressful.  But managers and partners are probably the best to go to with help on finding the right work balance.  They have been through similar situations and are more than happy to help staff and seniors figure out how to balance our work!