Balancing School and Work Life

October 8, 2013

Lauren Bundy
Tax Staff

I have been very blessed to work at PKM over the last 2 years while going to school. Students know how difficult it is to find a good CPA firm that will allow you to work after completing an internship while still finishing up school. This is the reason that for the first 3 years of my undergraduate degree I worked in industry rather than public accounting. Like many other college students, I did not have the luxury of being a traditional full-time student, so as my education progressed it became clear to me that my chances of breaking into public accounting were growing slim because I had not yet completed an internship.

During that time, I started looking for a firm, that other students believed didn’t exist, that would give me an internship with an opportunity to work part-time afterwards. This is when I found PKM and discovered it was the type of firm I had been searching for. Not only did PKM work with me during my senior year of undergrad, they are still working with my current class schedule so I can finish my last year of graduate school. I cannot stress enough to anyone reading this how amazing PKM is and what they will do to retain good employees. They understand that it is important for their employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance whether that is getting married, having kids, or in my case completing your education. This is just one of the many advantages about working for PKM.