Back to School!

August 12, 2011

Alison Butler
Tax Senior

With school almost back in session, I remember how recruiting can be very exciting in a public accounting firm. You are able to go new places, meet new people, and taste new foods. I graduated from the University of Georgia and before this spring, had only ever been to Tuscaloosa, AL for football games. So when I was asked to help recruit at the University of Alabama at “Meet the Firms,” I wasn’t sure what to expect of the campus and students. Of course, there were many great students and the campus was really nice but recruiting also gives you the opportunity to try new things and that is one thing I love about the job.

As part of the recruiting process, we often invite students to dinners and other events. One night we had dinner in Tuscaloosa at The Cypress Inn. The restaurant was overlooking the river and the food was amazing. There was a side on the menu called “hoppin’ john.” No one in the group had ever tried this before and the name led us to believe it had something to do with frogs. I’m not sure if this is an Alabama dish or just a Cypress Inn treat, but the spicy rice and beans was to die for!

Also, as a staff, it’s a great feeling to know that you are part of the process and have a voice in choosing the people that you work with. You are able to find students that you believe will help make PKM an even better place to work. Recruiting can be a lot of fun and I would encourage everyone to get involved in the recruiting process if you are already working or once you start. So, even though we are an Atlanta-based CPA firm, we still get to see many other cities and experience many exciting things on the job!