An experience of a lifetime

October 30, 2013

Javahnda Kea
Marketing Intern

PKM was recently awarded the number one spot on Accounting Today’s list of “Best Places to Work” for medium-sized firms for the second year in a row! And for good reason too! I have had the opportunity to intern with in the Marketing Department for almost a year now and with my anniversary steadily approaching, I think back to all of the knowledge I have gained and the amazing experiences I have been a part of while being an intern.

Prior to joining PKM, I never had any true intern experience under my belt, but I knew it was critical before graduating and entering the working world. Fortunately, I managed to land an internship with the firm and have received many hands-on opportunities, with a lot of wisdom gained through my many learning experiences. After taking numerous marketing courses, it has been exciting to use some of the knowledge I’ve gained in the classroom at the office on a daily basis!

Through interning with PKM, I am more confident in my skills as a Marketing Professional and am excited to move forward in my chosen career path. With my graduation steadily approaching, instead of feeling anxious or scared, I’m beyond thrilled to get out there and show the world the new skills I have gained over the past year as an intern for PKM and why it really is a “Best Place to Work.”