Advice For Future Recruits

July 9, 2013

Nicole Owens
Tax Staff

As a “newbie” in the accounting world and ready to jumpstart my career, I was determined to find a firm that best fit my needs. During my recruiting journey, I took the necessary steps to ensure that I would work at a place where I felt comfortable and at home. These steps directed me towards an internship at PKM. Here are some helpful tips that I picked up along the way that I hope can be useful during your recruiting experience.

The first step toward finding your perfect fit is to attend as many recruiting events as possible. During these events, ask to be introduced to people in a variety of departments within the firm, rather than only the HR recruiters in charge of the events. It is important to meet people in the department you are interested in working in, because those are the people you will be around the majority of time. Also, the more people you get to know within the department, the better. This will help you become more comfortable when you interview and even start your internship or career.

During the interview process, focus your attention on a handful of firms that you are most interested in. It is important not to spread yourself thin and instead, spend time with firms you feel most comfortable around and identify best with. To make this easier, it may be helpful to attend several recruiting events before the interview process begins. The more time you spend getting to know firms on the front end, the more efficient and knowledgeable you will be during interviews. Also, more face time with firms will increase your chances of being remembered and desired when interview time comes.

The most important piece of advice I will provide is to relax and be yourself. Recruiting can be stressful at times, but should also be an exciting experience. The point of all the dinners, sporting events, and leadership programs is for the firms to get to know you and determine if you are a good fit with their organization. There is a balance between being personable, while still remaining professional. Firms want to hear about you and who you are as a person such as family life, hobbies and goals. Remember, recruiting should be fun, but keep in mind that every interaction you have with a firm is like a mini-interview.

If you take these few tips into consideration during your recruiting journey, then I have no doubt you will find a firm that is the perfect fit for you…just like I did here at PKM!