Advantages of Choosing a Mid-Sized Accounting Firm

July 1, 2013

Jessica Williams
Audit Staff

As graduation is approaching, you may be debating “Big 4 or Mid-sized”?  Through my experiences, I can share a few advantages of working at a mid-size public accounting firm such as PKM.  First, partners at PKM truly have an open door policy. There are no restrictions on speaking to partners regarding technical or even personal issues; at PKM, partners are more than willing to answer your questions and help guide you in the right direction.

Second, PKM allows everyone to be involved in the recruiting process, and values everyone’s opinion when evaluating potential new hires. This is a benefit of working at a mid-size firm because it is important to have things in common with those you go to work with, as you will spend many hours of the day and evenings out of town with your co-workers. PKM hosts firm events as often as possible throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity to bond with fellow employees and meet each other’s families.

By hiring employees with similar key values and beliefs, and hosting firm events PKM has created a family-atmosphere that may not be present at large public accounting firms. Finally, PKM offers multiple services for a diverse range of clients which provides excellent learning opportunities for new staff.  Unlike most large public accounting firms, during your first couple of years at PKM you will begin in-charging jobs; provided this responsibility along with client diversity you are certain to gain well rounded experience.