Accountability Teams

March 21, 2014

Derek Dill
Audit Staff

PKM offers unique support systems which we call “Accountability Teams”.  These groups are designed to include employees at every level of the firm and are not only resources for exchanging ideas related to firm policy, procedures, etc., but they also provide individuals at different levels the opportunity to congregate and connect on not only a work level but a personal level as well.

These groups are designed to promote transparency across the pyramidal levels within the firm, as a support system tool and just promote employees to get out and do something in Atlanta that has been on their mind.

The groups are encouraged to meet on a quarterly basis (at a minimum) for an “Outing”, there are no limitations on location, event type, etc. and there is no preset itinerary. Outings are sponsored by the firm and events which I have been associated with have been: bowling, golfing, trivia and many more.

These outings are not only very enjoyable but have enhanced my relationships with fellow employees.   I feel the overall process is a true differentiator from other accounting firms and shows how much PKM values their most valuable asset, their employees.