Always Accretive.

Porter Keadle Moore (PKM) is a nationally recognized, mid-sized accounting and advisory firm with a fresh approach. We go above and beyond to understand your business challenges – and then to provide you with the most thorough and efficient solutions. We believe the success of your business should be our number one focus, not just completing the accounting work we’re given. We never just “check the box.”

Client Committment - Atlanta CPA Firm
We are not a firm of cold, hard numbers or floors of accountants. We are a firm of people. Great people. People who are recruited and vetted for years. People who stay. People who are not only co-workers, but friends. People who get to know you and your family, your hobbies and your dreams. But why do we take this approach? Because your success is our success. Not the other way around.

We want you to be successful. We want you to rest easy at night. And we never want our name to be associated with any pressure or stress in your life. What do we get out of all of this? Well, hopefully, we gain a friend and client for life. More importantly, we get the satisfaction of knowing that when you come to work, you never worry about our assignment.

We want to provide you peace of mind, trusting that we’ve always done our job right.